What are achievements

Achievements are various tasks that can be completed throughout the course of the game. Reaching the goal of an achievement awards the player with Achievement Points(AP).

List of achievements

Beast Menace			Kill 3,000 Beasts			   20 AP
I'll Be Up In A Minute		Reach level 10 in 4 hours		  100 AP
I Hate Crates			Destroy 1,000 breakables		   20 AP
No Time To Waste		Reach level 20 in 14 hours		  100 AP
Not a Fit Night Out		Find the Blood Moon			  200 AP
Zombie Slayer			Kill 1,000 Zombies			   10 AP
Ravager Menace			Kill 1,000 Ravagers                        10 AP
Stalker Menace			Kill 1,000 Stalkers                        10 AP
Imp Menace			Kill 1,000 Imps                            10 AP
Time to Die			Kill 50 enemies in 30 sec                  50 AP
Bugmaster			Kill 1000 Monsters w/ Assassin Bug Hive    15 AP
Ultimate Zombie Destruction	Kill 10,000 Zombies                        50 AP
Quester				Complete 20 quests			   10 AP
Master Quester			Complete 10 Storyline Quest                15 AP
I Am The Destroyer		Dismantle 1,000 Items			   25 AP
The Claw King			Kill Shulgoth 100 Times                   250 AP
Slots of Fun			Win the mini-game 20 times                150 AP
Fashion Bug			8 legendary items equipped at once        125 AP
Baby, You're a Rich Man		Collect 35,000 Palladium                   20 AP
Wuss				Use 300 health injectors                   30 AP
If I had a hammer		Craft 10 items                             40 AP
A Big Improvement		Upgrade 10 different items                 35 AP
Sachin Swinget			Kill Sydonai w/ a cricket bat             100 AP
Batman				Kill 1,000 enemies w/ a cricket bat	   ?? AP
I Know of Which I Speak         Get any skill to level 10                 100 AP
Ultimate Imp Annihilation       Kill 10,000 Imps                           50 AP
Ultimate Undead Undoing         Kill 20,000 Undead                        100 AP
Ultimate Beast Bash             Kill 20,000 Beasts                        100 AP
Demon Menace                    Kill 25,000 Demons                        120 AP
Ultimate Demon Destruction      Kill 100,000 Demons                      1000 AP
Orbile Menace                   Kill 1,000 Orbiles                         10 AP
King of the Hill                Kill Sydonai 100 times                    500 AP
Just...One...More...            Learn all your class skills               200 AP
There's No Place Like It        Use 100 PDRs                               30 AP
You Found a What?               Identify 2,000 items                      100 AP
How much can you take?          Completely fill your inventory and stash   10 AP
Undead Menace                   Kill 3000 Undead                           30 AP
Spectral Menace                 Kill 3000 Spectrals                        30 AP

Previously it was stated by Flagship that Achievements would be available to subscribers only, however this has since been changed and Achievements are available to all players.

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