The Darkspawn are a faction within the Primus caste that have a fascination and affinity for melding demonic magic with technology. They are insatiable in their search for the new and unknown, so they often roam the streets and tunnels of London looking for caches of items or - better yet - adventurers with powerful gear.

The Darkspawn not only craft their own equipment, but can also use any that they find during their patrols. It is not uncommon to see one wielding weapons of human design that have been separated from their original owners.

There are several distinct groups within the Darkspawn that are identified by both their specializations and their size and markings. Knowing their individual strengths and weaknesses is vital for an optimal chance of surviving an encounter.







Groups: Darkspawn Diabolist, Darkspawn Scout, Darkspawn Sniper, Darkspawn Trooper

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