Weapons and shields (hand slot equipment) can be modified through the introduction of various technological and magical elements, called Mods. These Mods are typically integrated into pre-defined slots or hard points on an item through a simple procedure that can be performed by any adventurer. Whether found or fabricated, Mods improve or alter the abilities of the item they are placed into. The modification of an item commonly results in a corresponding change in its silhouette, such as a clip extending from the stock of a rifle. Although any character can apply a Mod, a character will need to return to a station and use a Delux De-Modificator to remove the mods once they are installed. There is a fee associated with using the Delux De-Modificator, however it ensures that the weapon and it's Mods are separated safely.

There are six types of Mods, as listed below.

Ammo Clips modify the type of damage or accuracy for Rifles, Pistols and Heavy Weapons by providing new types of ammunition. Clips carry rounds whose damage types can be technological or magical in nature. Their ability to derive effects from any of the damage classes makes the Clip Mod highly versatile.

Battery Packs are the general term used to describe Mods that typically impart different types of damage to a specific classification of item. Various energies stemming from the realms of technology and the arcane are used to charge these Mods, ranging from poison to cold to fire to concussive (or physical) damage types. These mods are mainly used in Rifles, Pistols and Swords

Fuel Tanks are the label used for Mods that convey different damage types to weapons. Whether using standard technology, alchemical formulae, or a combination of both, these Mods can cause effects within any of the damage types.

Relics are ancient objects that contain powerful magical properties. Often considered holy in origin, these are commonly fragments of some greater item whose purpose is lost to antiquity, or even something that came in contact with a person of great ability. The Templar have found ways to bond these relics to their weapons, making them particularly potent against the forces of darkness. Also Cabalist have know to integrate these mods with their Focus items

Like Ammo Clips, Rockets modify the type of damage or accuracy a ranged weapon does by providing new types of ammunition. Designed for use in heavy weapons, these are rounds whose damage types can be technological or magical in nature. Their ability to derive effects from any of the damage classes give these Mods a high value when fighting the biggest of demons.

Tech Mods basicly increase the accuracy and critical chance/damage but can also reduce the energy consumption of skills. They are most often founds on long-range weapons and appear as scopes.

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