Though not truly undead, most Necro's are still living humans that encountered souleating spectral demons. What's left of the person is a body with a few shreds of soul, enough to keep it alive, but in mindless and eternal agony over the loss. In their search for anything that will fill the void in them, they seek out the healthy living, trying to capture a soul to ease their pain. The mindless ones have gotten many poor victims, but too little avail as they lack any capability to drain souls themselves. Whenever an undead catches a victim, the spectrals will find plenty of food.

This caste includes both the undead and the demons that create and command them. Necros often swarm in semi-organized packs, using strength of numbers to overcome the limitations of their commonly weakened and decayed forms. Although usually simple to knock down, some may rise again unless appropriate measures are taken. Their masters are more powerful, and eliminating their commanding presence should be of the highest priority when encountering them. Creatures within the Necros caste commonly use attacks that pierce the flesh, poison the blood and corrupt the soul. It is important to note that they are particularly resistant to these same sorts of attacks.

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