The Hellgate London Comic Books series follows the story that was shown in early cinematics for the video game. The series is from Dark Horse comics. It runs from #0-#3. These have been compiled into a graphic novel that was released June 20th, 2007. Ian Edginton is the writer behind the comics, which has been labled as "Horror, Action/Adventure" comic series.

Hellgate: London #0Edit

Hellgate London 0

First comic cover

This is the first comic in the 4 part miniseries. It does not have a direct conenction with the 3 others. This one is more of an itroduction to the world that Hellgate:London is set inn. The artist Steve Pugh and colorist Dan Jackson have turned Ian Edgintons writing into this comic book

We follow MI5 agent Lyra Darius who discovers a human charnel house in the heart of London while tailing Lord Sumerisle, the recently resigned Home Office Minister for Internal Affairs. She's soon entangled in a bloody intrigue with Knights Templar, and everything is building up to All Hallows Eve!

Hellgate: London #1Edit

This is the second comic, this is where the "miniseries" and the hunt for the SIGIL starts. Years have passed and humanity's war against the invading demonic forces continues to rage with no end in sight. Men of arms and magic have sought to bring to an end the reign of hell the demons have brought to the once proud city of London. Humanity's last hope lies in discerning the true nature of an arcane symbol known as the SIGIL. Inscribed somewhere upon the very face of the city, the sigil's focal points are marked by potent artifacts of unearthly energy. If it is to survive, the surviving humans must discover the true nature of the sigil or be damned to oblivion!

Again the comic has been done by Steve Pugh and Dan Jackson.

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