Enchantments are extra features on an items that will boost your character. This can range from an additional attribute point to extra skills or a %bonus on armor, HP or Power.

On each item, up to four enchantments can be placed or found, though none can be removed.

There are four different levels of enchantments: White: Most Common. These are enchantments that are natural to some items. Templar armor usually have a +X defense on all special attacks.

Featured: +Special attack defense

Green: Uncommon/enchanced. These are fairly common enchantments though not very powerful.

Featured: +X attribute +X Luck +X% Damage of a type. +X Defense against an elemental attack +X Attack strength of an elemental attack

Blue: Rare enchantments. These might contain the previous enchantments at higher level, but can also contain extra skills.

Featured: +X skill level

Orange: Legendary. The good stuff. Able to contain the previous at higher values, Legendary enchantments have these additional options:

+X% Hit Points +X% Armor

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