Using ancient lore and powerful incantations, spellcrafters and technicians have been able to imbue items with mystical protection against the demonic invaders.

"Shields is different in that it actually goes back to Star Trek, where you put your shields up and it stops all the damage until your shields go down then everything gets through." - Bill Roper

In game, one can see the shields as the yellow circle around your healthpoint globe. Underneath in grey is the amount of shield you have.

The effect of Energy ShieldsEdit

This is an amount of "Extra Hitpoints", which must be eaten away before the actual hitpoints of the player start to go down. Though relatively easy to remove, they regenerate very fast once out of combat. The total shield value is a number which act as this buffer.

How to improveEdit

Many equipments, mainly armors, have an energy shields value, increasing the total shielding by that amount.

Shield OverloadEdit

It seems that shields do not get damage reduction from armor rating. Some weapons are less effective against shields then others, which is expressed in their Shield Overload statistic. This is a percentage of the normal damage done to the shield, which can be more or less than 100% of the normal damage.

Shield PenetrationEdit

This is an enchantment that can be found on various equipments. It delivers a part of the damage done directly past the shield. It is then subject to armor rating damage reduction and such.

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