is a book based on the Hellgate: London video game that was released on Halloween of 2007. It chronicles the stories of two main characters. Simon Cross, a young Templar who had, until the Hellgates opened, disavowed the Templar Order and moved away, and Warren Schimmer, a Londoner who falls in with the Cabalists after the invasion of earth. The novel is written from the perspective of both characters and switches between the two approximately every few chapters.

Thomas Cross, Simon's father, joins a group of Templar assaulting Shulgoth and a band of demons. Though the Templar know they won't survive the battle, they hope that the demons will believe the Templar have been effectively destroyed. Simon Cross has been in South Africa when he hears the news of London's destruction and resolves to return home to find his father, not knowing Thomas has died defending London. Simon had grown up a Templar, like his father, but left the secret organization after non-belief in demons for many years. Simon procures transport to France and on the trip, he meets a girl named Leah Creasley. Her father is also last known in London. Once Simon and Leah arrive in France, they obtain passage across the channel to England. Immediately after arriving in England, their party is attacked by a group of the demons. Both Simon and Leah bolt into action, attempting to kill their attackers. Once in London, Simon and Leah find a group of Templars who take them to a safe area. Simon is allowed to rejoin the Templar, but since he left two years ago, there is great distrust between many Templar and Simon. Already unpopular, he questions the goal of the order, which is finding a way to fight demons instead of trying to save those that cannot save themselves.

Warren Schimmer was one of the few that stayed behind in London after the attack. After discovering he had an ability to control a demon, he is invited to visit a group of Cabalists, an ancient organization dedicated to studying the demons, and one day, controlling them. Finally getting up the courage to find out who these people are, Warren discovers he's not the only one with arcane abilities. The group explains that once the Hellgate opened, all of their powers grew. After meeting the group and realizing none of them have close to the power that Warren does, their leader wants to summon a demon. The ritual goes wrong, leaving Warren with third-degree burns, but the only one alive. Soon after, Warren finds that his salvation comes way of the summoned demon marking Warren.

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