Novice Broadsword
Damge 12-16 Physical (Direct)
Crit Chance 0%
Attack Speed Normal
Interrupt Str 15
Range 2m
Equip Cost 3 Will
Item Level 1
Max Total Mods 0
Allowed Sockets
Inherent Attributes Shield Overload 100%


The Novice Broadsword is one of the most basic swords in the game and is the starting weapon for the Blademaster and Guardian.


The Novice Broadsword is a weak sword and should be replaced as soon as possible.

It is recommended to Disassemble the Item instead of selling it as it sells for 1 palladium.


It does good damage for being a starting weapon but it is not the best in the early game with 10 -15 dmg its good for lvl 1 - 5 enemys.

It has no resistance to anything and resembles a middle-ages style longsword.

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