A Party is a small group of players that group together to take on a quest.

Invite Edit

To invite a player into your Party, you will have to take one of the following steps.
X. Type "/invite <player name>"
X. Aim at the player when in close range (Green Hand) Click and hold the left mouse button and select the "Invite to Party" from the Circle Menu that pop's up.
X. If a player is in your Buddy List, you can open your Buddy List pressing the Default Key (B). Then right-click the name of the Buddy you want to invite and select the "Invite to Party" option from the list.

The invited player will get a pop-up in the screen, allowing them to accept or deny the party invite.

Party Leader Edit

When a party is formed. The Player that initiated the first accepted invite will be the Party Leader.

The party-leader will be the only player in a party that can add more players into that party.
To change leadership of a party, the current leader of the Party should enter the following command "/promote <player name>".

Party Instance Edit

If you are in a party and you decide to enter the same Area as a party member, you will automaticly enter the same instance as your party member.
The instance that Party members will enter will be the instance created by the Party Leader.
This can be used in some cases as a advantage. As a area is cleared, but quests for that area are not done yet. The party can decide to go out of the instance, change the party leader and enter a new instance of that area.

Party Portal Edit

Each party member will have a possibility to Portal to a party member using the "Party Portal" option. To activate a Party Portal take the following steps.
1. Press and hold the ALT key to activate the mouse pointer.
2. Click on the little blue portal icon located on the Party members portrait in the upper left corner of the screen. A blue portal will apair.
3. Run into the portal.

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