Quest Name: Forage

Quest Type: Storyline.

Quest Giver: Murmur at Russell Square

Quest Ender: A Templar Seraph at Russell Square

Available: After completing Find Murmur

Follow up: Quest I.3

Goal: Recover a message from Dr. Fawkes

How to solve: The party Dr. Fawkes was in was ambushed by zombies and Dr. Fawkes fled. The last surviving party member will be found sitting in a small square and will give you the message. The whole level is linear, so it's impossible to miss the templar on the square.


It's odd that a Templar party can be wiped out by passive zombies.

The man of the transmission has identified himself as Murmur and was scavenging topside in hope of finding food and other tradeable materials. Not feeling comfortable in such a hostile environment, he desperately tried to find living and preferably armed humans to keep him safe.

Oddly enough, for a scavenger he looks pretty well dressed and is searching for a scientist with important data about the Hellgate.

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