Quest Name: Hell's Yard

Quest Type: Storyline.

Quest Giver: Brandon Lann at Covent Garden Station

Quest Ender: Brandon Lann at Covent Garden Station

Available: after I.6

Follow up: Quest I.8


Goal: Travel to Covent Garden Market

How to solve: There is an exit directly to Covent Garden Market from Covent Garden Station.


Goal: Breach the Hellrift

How to solve: In the central market area, the Hellrift should be located somewhere. It can be recognized by an oval shaped red and black portal.


Goal: Retrieve the remains of Dr. Fawkes

How to solve: This is easier said then done. Once entering the portal, you come to a general Hellrift area. This means you start on a platform with the portal back and a stairs down. Other than on normal Hellrifts, there is a named boss here, Shulgoth. He's a meany, so be ready for a fight! Other than that, there are some Imps hanging around, making the combat a bit more interesting. Once you cleared the level, walk to the pillared structure and find the body of Dr. Fawkes. Interact with it to get his remains, then deliver those to Brandon Lann.


This is the first multi-phased quest in the game and features a named boss!


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