Quest Name: Test Monkey

Quest Type: Storyline.

Quest Giver: Brandon Lann at Covent Garden Station

Quest Ender: The Sage at Prodigal Library (?)

Available: after Quest I.7

Follow up: Quest II.1


Goal: Travel to British Museum

How to solve: There is an exit to Bloomsbury that will lead to British Museum.


Goal: Breach the Hellrift

How to solve: Somewhere in the museum there is a hellrift. The location varies, so a search and clearing of the whole level might be needed.


Goal: Use Dr. Fawkes device.

How to solve: Once again you are in a Hellrift. The occasional imp is easily disposed and in the pillared building you'll find a wierd statuesque thingy. Interact with it to plant the device. Once you have set the device, you have 30 seconds to exit the hellrift, after that it will explode and you will die. Once outside, after those 30s, on of the statues will come alive. This becomes Emperor Gulkar, a demon that hits not that hard but has many hitpoints. He also has the ability to turn other statues to life, which will all transform into demons like him, though are more easily killed.

Once you kill Gulkar, a blue portal will appear, which will transport you to a ruined library. Talk to the chap there and be moved to a pristine library and you can deliver the quest. Extra:

This is the first multi-phased quest in the game and features a named boss!

It seems that at every potential Hellrift, there is a Gulkar statue. Gulkar can also bring those to life! This might seem very annoying, but if you kill two Gulkars, you get twice the loot. Training him to his clones might be a nice idea for loot.


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