The range of arsenal for Templar include both melee and range weapons. There are 3 groups of them; Sword, Shield and Pistol.

Sword is primary weapon for both Templar classes; Guardian and especially Blademaster. All swords are melee weapon and can be wield only by templar faction.

Shield is normally considered as an additional armor for Templar. But in the hand of the Guardian, the shield can be also use as secondary weapon with a range of shield skill available only to guardians.

While Pistols for templar are low in number, their variety and specialty made it worthwhile for templar to have some with them. For example, the two most interesting pistols for templar are: Shockwave and Grappler.

The shockwave is the pistol that deal area-of-effect damage to all enemy surrounding the templar that handy for crowd control. The grappler, as the name suggest is not a gun, but a pistol that shoot out grappler and cable wire that will drag an enemy close to melee range of the templar. Very handy when using against flying enemy.

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