Weapon spread is the most important modifier to damage. All ranged weapons have Weapon Spread (even beam weapons, which physically could not) a cone-shaped area from the weapon's muzzle, widening to the limit of it's firing range. Different weapons have different spreads, ranging from the tightest, sniper rifles and beams, to the broadest, such as shotguns. For most weapons, the wider the weapon spread at the point of contact with a target, the lower the damage. A sniper rifle would deal most of it's damage at any range, while a shotgun or automatic would deal most to a single target at point-blank range, and much less damage to multiple targets at further distances.

Weapon Spread is also increases with the player's movement speed and rate of firing; the aiming reticule will expand to indicate how much Weapon Spread is modified by these factors. A single shot fired from standing point blank will deal closer to the weapon's listed damage value, but rapid-fire bursts at the limit of the weapon's range while running may deal negligible damage.

Accuracy reduces Weapon Spread, so a character build with higher Accuracy can deal weapon damage more reliably at longer ranges and faster running and firing rates.

Weapon Spread does not have any influence on non-damage effects such as the Grappler's grappling, the Puppet Master's mind control, or the HARP's shock or shield override

Exceptions: Rockets and Dart Guns.

  • The Rocket's model physics adjust it's hit location according to firing spread, but the damage is determined by splash radius.
  • Dart guns' damage is dealt not from the hit, but the explosion afterward, and is not influenced by firing spread. This makes them more reliable damage-dealers for low Accuracy characters, but at a cost to firing time and impact delay.

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